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Hello and thanks for taking the time to read this.
For all the members of MotiV8 training that listened to the FaceBook Live recently, I did promise to supply some of the resources I use for my clients.
Straight from Week 6 in the Athlete’s Secret Weapon Program, this content is about training smart. How to visualise and the benefits you can notice. On the opposite side of the scale, visualising using incorrect techniques can be strengthening poor habits and creating worse results.
Therefore, soo many athletes have given up on the concept, they are not noticing the results. Coaches and parents have the best intentions for you in sharing their knowledge and they can also be limiting your performance, do you think, this stuff does not work and you give up.
I am a mindset specialist, I am terrible at golf and surfing, I don’t have the time for long-distance events, I am too tall for a jockey and bull riding is just… stupid! Yet these are my clients! I have some of the finest athletes in the world in these sports, what I know is mindset and these athletes all benefitted from this process immensely.
This process was developed over time and fine-tuned with every I work with or hear from through this program.
My son was 5 when I started to develop this process. I went to the shops with him one day, in our local shops there was a thick line of darker tiles every 10 metres to break up the boredom of the white tiles. My son was running up to them to jump over the darker tiles. At the same time, I was thinking jump for him, my legs jerked thinking it was me jumping. He did it again and again and I was thinking to myself, why is my leg firing the muscles when it was him jumping. I was just being a Dad and telepathically helping him time the jump.
I was introduced to ‘The Secret’ a documentary on the ‘Law of Attraction’ and in the documentary, was a specialist who worked with Astronauts in NASA. He had them visualising all the techniques they needed to fix or work on projects while grounded to ensure when they were in space, they knew the procedure. This dropped into my mind and I began to link concepts. (The link to The Secret documentary is in the EMI enrolment program) make sure you watch it.

The specialist from The Secret was Dennis Waitley, he mentions in the documentary that when he took the NASA program to the US Olympic program and tested athletes with sophisticated bio-feedback equipment, that the same muscles fired at exactly at the same time in their mind as when they were running on the track.

Here is that link to that particular section

Early 2012, I was working with an athlete, a 15-year-old 10m platform diver by the name of Brittany Broben from Australia. I had already worked with her on a very simple version of this process by having her watch the best of her dives on YouTube. And over and over she began to regain her confidence and her technique improved at training and the nerves diminished.

Not only did she achieve an Olympic Silver medal as a 16-year-old, she was interviewed by reporters and was asked, at 16 how did you manage your nerves and in this pressure situation in an Olympic final, what is your secret? She responded, I am not telling anyone about my secret weapon! And hence this program is The Athlete’s Secret Weapon.

During the 2012 London Olympics, I was watching the Tae Kwon Do competition this process was further enhanced. I had not competed in 13 years since tearing my ACL and medial meniscus (cartilage) and here I was with my muscles reacting to the attacks and punches and all while I was sitting watching TV.

My theory was further solidified by understanding the NASA and Olympic athlete program, and I have developed it even further for you.

You have never run or swum faster than you have ever done! So how can you train your muscles to go faster? And without constant repetition and thinking how can you be the most technically perfect every time? Muscle memory is the automatic response and actions when you are ‘in the zone’… when you don’t have to think about technique, your muscles just do what they have learnt. Like walking, no one can explain to me consciously what is the first action or muscle to move is when you walk. Yet we trust we know what to do when we need to, if we were to walk consciously every day, we would be like a child learning to walk, constantly falling over.

As a child learns to walk, it is creating neural pathways in the brain and over time this becomes easier and quicker to fire. It ends up being so automatic that we don’t even know when we are walking.

For athletes who have had this experience of being in the zone…you will understand there is no thinking involved and half the time you don’t even realise you are doing it, time stands still and it feels incredible.

So, here is a way to…

Change your technique

Learn the course

Improve your speed

Build confidence

Set muscle memory

Heal and build strength from injury

And all while you watch videos and sleep.

Remember 1 hour of visualisation = 7 hours of physical exertion!

Do the math… 7 hours of sleeping x 7 hrs visualizing = 49 hours of technically perfect practice and competition every night. This is training smart.

Having experienced injuries and fatigue, one thing that helped me was the ability to understand how to repair and heal my body quickly. This will do it and keep strength while recovering from operations where physically you are not able to train or compete.

And here is the YourTube process.

Use the best person in your sport, someone who you compete like, obviously if you are right- handed tennis player don’t use a lefty!

Use as big a screen as you can.

Find the right athlete, either in slow motion for the technique or at full speed if that is what you are aiming at.

Rather than watching the videos, let’s use them to your advantage in this 3-step process.

1 Watch the video a few times as ‘you watching the athlete’, just sit and relax with your legs on the ground set apart and relax your hands on a table or on your legs, this has to be a full concentration zone, so remove all distractions and do not hold anything.

Even at this stage you may find a few automatic twitches in muscles.

Watch the video 5 times (depending on the length of it) allow 5 mins or until you are noticing muscles twitching. Be aware you may not notice you are twitching or leaning.

2 Watching this video as ‘you watching you’ on YouTube. Sit the same way and get comfortable. Get connected with you seeing yourself competing, imagine the muscles firing, what the technique feels like and start to ‘match’ their breathing and any other sensations you feel in your sport. Like the feel of water as you dive in a pool, the feeling of cornering in a race car or the feel of a tackle in football.

Aim to do this 5 times, and until you are noticing more significant twitching and a greater connection to this video.

3 This is where we build up to ‘you are the athlete’ competing and seeing this through your own eyes and feeling every step or movement. Getting to the point you can hear the same sounds you normally do in training and competition. Feeling the heart racing, feeling the muscles working, feeling the impact and the speed.

This is all going to be relevant to the video you are watching, the sport you are in and the ability you must put yourself in this physical connection.

What this is now doing is, training your muscles to perform at the highest level possible, choose the world’s best in your sport. It is teaching your muscles to fire at the same rate their muscles are. It changes your technique to that of the person you are watching and if you are injured, the muscles are firing and keeping ‘match fit’ as this process evolves.

Over time when you have got the hang of this you only need step 3 as you can drop straight int to the ‘you are the athlete’ mode.

If you are wanting to get back to the best version you have performed at before like the diver Brittany, watch videos of yourself.

This is also a great way to manage nerves as you are competing and training at what we call ‘disassociated’ so you will not be feeling the nerves… unless you want to!

And you are very welcome!!!

This alone can have you at the same level as a World Champion!

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Stuart Walter,

The Athlete’s Secret Weapon

[email protected]

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