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A podcast where you can learn everything about motorsports and excel. You learn about branding, performance development, career development, sponsorships, social media marketing, working for sponsors and a lot more from experts here.



My Life in Motorsport with Tricia Chant

Episode #109

This show you’ll learn:
● Who is Tricia!
● What are the historic Leeburn Sprints
● What responsibilities are there being on a committee?

Getting your head into the race after a pandemic. 

Episode #108

This show you’ll learn: Difference between hypnotherapy and psychology training What type of driver are you? Emotional or logical?

Fueling to win with Kaz Plum

Episode #107

Who is Kaz?
Kaz is a personal trainer with over 17 years experience. Kaz specialises in performance sports coaching and vitamin supplements plans.

Role that social media has plays with sponsors. 


Hear how Cody has engaged sponsors in 2021/2022. How Cody has grown his Facebook account organically to 51k followers.


Finding Contacts for Sponsorship

Episode #104

How to decide who to contact for sponsorship Where to look for contact details Making Contact Follow up!

Belinda Riseley - Sponsorship


What sponsorship looks like during a pandemic? What sponsors are looking for Do’s & Don’t about sponsorship proposals?

MAT BASSO – Content Creation

Episode #102

More about Mat Basso and how he grew his Tik Tok list to over 56k people in 2yrs.

Grab a Social Sandwich with Edwin Smith

Episode #101

Edwin Smith from The Social Sandwich is a social media expert having worked on some of the biggest reality TV shows to hit Australian screens.

ENZO MUCCI - Shout as loud as you can!

Episode #100

Enzo’s point of difference is taking a holistic approach to the driver both on and off the track.

MotiV8 Update

23 July 2021

How MotIV8 can help athletes, Clubs and Teams Motiv8 services Our new membership Upcoming Motorsport Conference.


Laura Byrnes - A Demure West Aussie Late Model Speedway Racer

15 July 2021

What part of your motorsport career do you need a hand with? Nutrition? Building your stamina to get through those longer races?