Inside Look: Interview with Claudia - A Rising Star in Motorsport Communication

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In a recent episode of the Motorsport Coaching podcast, host Belinda sat down with the dynamic Claudia for an insightful discussion about her journey and experiences in the motorsport industry. As Claudia generously shared her story, it provided a compelling look into the world of motorsport and the exciting career paths within it.

At 20 years of age, Claudia is in her final year of a Bachelor of Media Communication with a major in Public Relations at Monash University. Her love for motorsport has been a driving force in her life, sparking from early experiences of watching races with her father and brother, and attending events at renowned tracks like Sandown and Winton. What started as a childhood passion has now blossomed into a focused career aspiration, blending her creativity and love for motorsport into a dynamic profession in media and communications.

One key highlight of the conversation was Claudia's description of her degree program, which encompasses a wide array of skills from writing press releases and campaign strategies to media production such as photography, videography, and audio. The comprehensive nature of her studies is equipping her with a versatile skill set ideally suited for the diverse demands of the fast-paced motorsport industry.

Claudia's professional journey includes pivotal roles with major entities such as Motorsport Australia and Supercars. Her role at Motorsport Australia as a media and communications assistant provided her with diverse experiences, including writing articles for their website, managing social media, and gaining valuable insight into event accreditation. Her subsequent internship at Supercars involved working on the prestigious Thrifty Newcastle 500, showcasing her adaptability and dedication to contributing to leading motorsport events.

Beyond her academics and professional roles, Claudia's involvement with the Girls On Track program is a testament to her commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion within motorsport. The program, which includes an Inspire and a Pathways segment, aims to engage young girls and women in the motorsport industry, fostering their interest in STEAM fields and providing networking opportunities. Claudia emphasized the positive impact of the program, crediting it for opening doors and empowering young women in the industry.

The conversation with Claudia highlighted not only her achievements but also provided valuable insights and advice for aspiring professionals in the motorsport industry. Her emphasis on the importance of networking and gaining diverse experiences resonated strongly with those who seek to follow a similar career path. Her willingness to share her knowledge and offer guidance to others underscores her dedication to fostering the next generation of talent in motorsport communications.

As Claudia enters her final year at university, the future beckons with exciting possibilities. Her enthusiasm for the industry and her diverse skill set position her as a rising star in the world of motorsport communications. Her trajectory serves as an inspiring example of determination, adaptability, and a genuine passion for motorsport that continues to drive her forward.

For those wanting to connect with Claudia, she is accessible through LinkedIn and Instagram, where she welcomes inquiries and opportunities to share her insights and experiences. Her willingness to engage with others and offer guidance is a testament to her commitment to fostering a supportive and inclusive community within the motorsport industry.

The conversation with Claudia on the Motorsport Coaching podcast was an enriching and inspiring journey, shedding light on the multifaceted world of motorsport communications and the promising future it holds for dedicated professionals like Claudia. As she forges ahead, we are excited to witness the continued impact of her contributions and the doors she will open for the next generation of motorsport communicators.

Listen to the podcast with Claudia HERE

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