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motorsports athletes nutrition Oct 08, 2021
Motorsports athletes nutrition

Smart nutritional choices are key parts of the jigsaw puzzle for all elite athletes! Nourishing your body with great food will not only support your training and performance requirements but will also improve your health and well-being long term.

At the moment most of you will still be growing and developing. This means building peak bone density and supporting continued blood volume and muscle development!

Did you know you will achieve peak bone density in your early 20’s?! Not to mention needing appropriate foods to help you concentrate throughout school, university, and work.

Fad diets are like fashion, in-out, in and out. However, what’s important to understand is that these are often money-making ventures. The key to sexy nutritional intake is simple – eat from all of our lush food groups and eat to your individual needs!

Optimizing your training and performance on the track is achieved by consistent physical training as well as the foods listed below.


Pre-training/race snacks: Carbohydrates for energy & injury prevention


When? 1-2 hours before


  • Sandwich with jam/honey or peanut butter & banana
  • Honey or jam on a crumpet
  • 2 sushi rolls/rice paper rolls
  • Café style fruit toast/raisin bread
  • Homemade fruit muffin
  • Muesli Bar + piece of fruit
  • Date scone(Bakers Delight – yum!)
  • Cereals/oats/weet-bix
  • Fruit salad & yoghurt
  • Rice cakes with nut butter & honey
  • Trail mix (dried fruit, seeds & nuts)


Post-training/racing snacks: Carbohydrates & Protein for recovery & injury prevention


When? As soon as possible after your session & don’t forget tore-fill that water bottle!

How much? 15-20g of protein is important for muscle repair, growth, and recovery. Adding some carbohydrates also helps increase the availability of protein to your hungry muscles!


Options providing 15-20g of high-quality Protein (with some carbohydrate):

  • 1 x tub of Yoghurt(Chobani, Yopro OR Rokeby Farms) and banana
  • 375ml Fruit smoothie(Dairy-based)
  • Tuna, canned salmon or sardines on 1 slice of whole-grain toast
  • 2-3 slices of cheese and crackers
  • 250ml Sanitarium Up & GO, Energiser
  • 250ml milo (made up with milk) + Carmans 10g protein muesli bar
  • 250ml of The Complete Dairy Milk(High protein, lower lactose)or 400ml (2 glasses) low-fat milk
  • Yopro 30g protein yoghurt drink + banana


If you need a personalised sports-specific eating plan, please book a suitable time with Loren here.

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