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women in motorsports Apr 22, 2022
Women in motorsports Tricia Chant

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How it all began


Tricia was introduced to Motorsports by his dad, who competed and rallied around Brisbane back in the late 60s.


She started in her late teens from Morgan Park Raceway at Warwick. She used to do spring laps and later hill climbs and sprints using her dad's "Mark 2 Cortina race car." That early experience made her interested in motorsports.


Love for Motorsports


Tricia loves the adrenaline rush she gets when she is on track. She also loves how motorsports allow equal opportunities for men and women.


You don't feel any less than a man as a female motorsports athlete. Motorsports is one of the only sports where men and women are equal and they can complete each other.


Family That Leans and Embraces


Tricia's father is a former motorsports athlete, Tricia is a practising athlete, and her husband is a race car mechanic. This explains their love, coordination and adoration towards motorsports.


Motorsports for teens


Tricia has observed that a lot of motorsports athletes either fully commit themselves or leave it in their late teens. It is when most parents tell their children to either fund their passion on their own or find sponsors.


Motorsports Sponsorship


Tricia has a number of sponsors, deals or discounts in exchange for branding on her car. Although she is a shy person and doesn’t feel very confident while asking for sponsorships, whenever she gets sponsorships, she makes sure to give value.


She also believes in building a close network and takes her sponsorships very seriously and responsively.


Historic Laban sprint


Being a president of historic labour sprint, a farming community founded by her parents in 1996, Tricia ensures to dedicate time and energy to help support the community.

These events are loved by locals and are oversubscribed every single year. Around 190 cars perform sprints in the event. 


Her Advice For Young Racers


For anyone who wants to get started with racing, Tricia advised to join a local club and start experimenting with the skills. If you are really passionate about your family and loved ones will be there to support you because you do need that support and having it can take you to another level.

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