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body composition dexa body composition scan dexa scans Oct 08, 2021
DEXA body composition scan

What is Body Composition?

Did you know that within a ½ kilo change on the scales you could actually have up to a 4 ½ kilo shift in body fat and lean muscle? With a DEXA body composition scan, you can find out how your body is truly responding to your training and nutrition efforts!

DEXA scans are the gold standard method of assessing body composition. A scan can accurately assess:

  • Coloured DEXA body image is used to visually map your body composition.
  • Analysis of body fat, lean muscle and bone density for the whole body and different regions.
  • Important health measures – visceral fat, stomach/hip fat, Fat/Lean Mass Index.
  • Comparison of your results to population health data.
  • For repeat scans, a progress report to track changes over time.

Now you too, have the opportunity to access this technology that was previously only available in high-end research labs and for elite sporting clubs.

IMAGINE how knowing exactly how your body is responding to your training and nutrition efforts with the highest level of precision possible….

Then being able to use this information to fine-tune your program and ACCELERATE your results. DEXA DEXA scans are for anyone wanting to take control of their body composition and health.

To find out more about DEXA, please visit and sign up for this event for your DEXA scan. Spots are limited so please get in quick.

How does DEXA scanning work?

DEXA scans involve the transmission of x-rays (high and low energy) through the person and as the x-ray passes through, it sends information about your body to the detectors in the DEXA arm. This is then interpreted by the computer software and a report is provided along with an image of your skeleton and body composition.

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Tracking progress over time

Assessing body composition changes over time is an important component in monitoring an active individual’s response to their training and nutrition programs.

Research from the Australian Institute of Sport has shown that having a standardised approach will minimise “noise” or variables that can impact your results. Our technology, machine calibration, client preparation and scan acquisition protocols ensure that you can be confident in detecting true body composition changes at DEXA Melbourne.

Why is this important? Well, if you are trying to get an understanding of your health, bone and body composition and track it over time, you want to ensure you are confident in how your results have been obtained before making any changes to your diet, exercise programs, health interventions etc.

At DEXA Melbourne we have standardised protocols for how our clients prepare for their DEXA scan.

These include:

Food, fluid and supplements guidelines.

Exercise and hydration status guidelines.

Appropriate clothing and metal objects.

Choosing the right DEXA scan mode.

We have also standardised how we position our clients with specially made positioning aids. This ensures that we position our clients the same each time they are scanned.

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