The Target Recording

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The Target recording.

This process alone will create incredible changes in your life if done correctly.

Over the last 13 years, I have learnt some very valuable fundamentals of the human mind and this process covers all of them.

This is a very simple process with such powerful results.

The basic concept is you write out how your life is in 3-5 years’ time. You then use the voice memo/ voice recorder on your mobile phone and you record this story in your voice. (As much as you may not like your own voice… do it!)

Consider the power of this…

This is your life, already achieved visually, emotionally and financially.

Using past tense words (as outlined in The Dear Diary Process) with intention and in future focus will rewire your brain into thinking it has been done, therefore opening opportunities to make this happen.

This is the celebration of your success and as such an emotional result that lifts you when times get tough.

The previous emotions of fear will dissolve as your brain believes it is already done.

Neuro Plasticity notes, the brain re-wires to thoughts, intention, and feelings. That is why the Law of Attraction works!

This recording covers all aspects of your life like health, happiness, love, wealth, travel, house, car, community, spirituality, success, toys, lifestyle and relationships.

This is your voice in your head. The power of this must be experienced to be believed. Any negative thought or action is dissolved or overpowered. For me, it feels like a hand comes into my head and pulls out the negative thought and throws it away.

So, this is your life, in your head, in your words, with your values and your intention and in your voice. It is seriously powerful and priceless in value.

The best way to create this is through using The Dear Diary Process Workbook. The workbook helps you to define your goals, and then it is just a matter of expanding on the goals and outcomes.

Once done with the goals and your WHY, write out a ‘Your Story’ about how your life is now.

As an example,” Here I am out to dinner with my family and very close friends and my team. I just stepped back to take this moment to reflect on what just happened. I had just won the Bathurst 100! There was the trophy, just smiling at me. I knew 5 years ago that this was the dream, and here I am. My total dedication to me and my dream was the difference. I feel… as I reflect on the journey that was…” You fill in the gaps, how your happiness, health and success is, in your words.

I recommend writing your story out in as much detail as you can and in your words. Remembering words have power so be very aware of using only positives. Comments like

“I did not believe this would work’

or ‘I am managing my depression and anxiety, so I feel balanced’

As much as they sound great as an outcome. Simply re-framing them to.

“I truly believed myself and trusted my skills to get here”.

And “I am feeling fit, energetic and happy”

The positive spin on these is essential and if I am supporting you through the Stuart-Supported Enrolment or if you are a part of a face-to-face program we can work on this together.

If this ‘Story’ takes 5 minutes to read, read it 4 times to create a 20-minute recording. If it is 10 mins, obviously read it twice. The idea of the 20-minute recording is that it is a perfect time for meditation. You have just created a guided meditation and who better to guide you than you??? and guided toward your future. This is also a creative visualisation process so if you are driving in your car or sitting in a bus… this is awesome!

How often you listen to this is up to you, I do it daily and again if I have a day that is flat. Yes, we all have flat and frustrating days. This will return you back into the state you need to be in to attract opportunities and people to make this life you just created… a reality!

If you knew you could not fail… how would your life be?

The greater the goals, the shorter the time the better this works. AIM BIG!

Average and realistic goals can also be achieved, you decide, this is your life now!

Stuart Walter

The Athlete’s Secret Weapon

Process creator and life transformer!


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